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Sole Shareholder Company

Head Office:
Via Martiri della Liberazione, 17
23875 Osnago (LC) - Italy
Phone +39 039 9981.1

Via Padania, 10
20853 Biassono (MB) - Italy

Registered Office:
Via Gioberti, 1
20123 Milano, Italy

VAT, Tax Code. 09954290962
Share Capital deliberated € 6.600.000
Company Reg. R.E.A. MI Nr. 2124590

FOMAS Group - Fomas S.p.A.
FOMAS Group - Fomas S.p.A.


FOMAS Group - Fomas S.p.A.
Mimete srl was founded in 2017. It represents the latest technological evolution that takes the Group into a new era. The company is dedicated to the development, production and characterization of high quality, spherical powders with particle size distribution optimized for Additive Manufacturing market.
Metal powders with desired chemical composition, spherical shape and particle size distribution from 0 to 300 µm, with 50% of yield between 20 and 60 µm.
  • 1 VIGA (Vacuum Inert Gas Atomizer): maximum load per batch 300 kg, annual capacity 400 tons
  • Sieving facilities: multi-frequency sieving devices with many different working meshes (from 300 µm to 11 µm)
  • Packaging facilities: high capacity, semi-automatic dosing machine
  • Handling facilities: payload 650 kg
  • 1 carbon and sulphur combustion analyser
  • 1 nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen fusion analyser
  • 1 wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
  • 1 inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer
  • 1 PMI test with handheld XRF
  • 1 laser diffractometer
  • 1 mechanical sieve shaker
  • 1 Scanning Electron Microscope
  • 1 Hall flowmeter
  • 1 tapping apparatust
  • Aerospace
  • Racing
  • Automotive
  • Functional components
  • Biomedical

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