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Press Review

14 June 2010 La Provincia di Lecco FOMAS: Building the Future Congress – The FOMAS experience (PDF)
08 March 2010 Corriere Economia FOMAS: Italian Companies for the Nuclear Market (PDF)
01 March 2010 Best to BRIANZA FOMAS Group: FOMAS Group and the nuclear market (PDF)
01 March 2010 Mediaplanet Nuclear Power (PDF)
19 February 2010 Panorama Italy and the Nuclear Market (PDF)
29 January 2010 La Companies recruiting? Yes to juniors no to over 45 (PDF)
17 January 2010 Il Sole 24 Ore FOMAS: Forged in Lecco (PDF)
31 December 2009 CFN BAY FORGE: Casting and Forging News (PDF)
19 November 2009 Panorama FOMAS Group: Since the 70's in the Nuclear Market (PDF)
12 November 2009 Il Giornale di Merate FOMAS Group: New Frontiers (PDF)
30 October 2009 Sistemi e impresa Production Systems to respond at market requirements (PDF)
27 October 2009 Il Sole 24 Ore FOMAS Group: Companies that hold up to the crisis (PDF)
20 October 2009 SMAU FOMAS G Case Study FOMAS: SMAU 2009 (PDF)
12 October 2009 Italia Oggi 7 FOMAS Group: Quality & Service (PDF)
05 October 2009 Il Sole 24 Ore FOMAS Group: Nuclear is Safe (PDF)