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Press Review

12 November 2011 News Mercati Bay Forge: News Mercati (PDF)
24 October 2011 Il Sole 24 Ore Mission in India (PDF)
12 August 2011 Il Sole 24 Ore Investments on hold (PDF)
22 May 2011 Il Sole 24 Ore Steel for growth (PDF)
21 May 2011 La Provincia di Lecco FOMAS: CGIL union praises FOMAS (PDF)
15 May 2011 La Provincia di Lecco FOMAS: 14th Open Day (PDF)
15 May 2011 Il Giorno FOMAS: 14th Open Day (PDF)
10 February 2011 Casting & Forgings News FOMAS Group: Project 2012: A year ahead of schedule! (PDF)
10 January 2011 Giornale di Lecco FOMAS: Italian nuclear power plants, in the front row is FOMAS (PDF)
5 January 2011 La Provincia di Lecco FOMAS: Found the agreement between Fomas and the owners: Underground bypass to save the areas (PDF)
21 December 2010 Il Giornale di Merate FOMAS Nuclear turn, Enel calls FOMAS answers (PDF)
November 2010 Casting & Forgings News FOMAS: Italian Subsidiary in China (PDF)
November 2010 L'Imprenditore, Confindustria FOMAS Group: Over forty years of experience in the nuclear sector (PDF)
30 June 2010 Economy This Nuclear is not scary (PDF)
16 June 2010 Il Canavese Hot Roll: At Hot Roll Safety has the priority (PDF)