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FOMAS Group Countermeasures against Corona Virus

Communication to Customers and Suppliers

FOMAS Group Countermeasures against Corona Virus
Monday, March 9, 2020

9th of March, 2020


Coronavirus: no critical issues for the FOMAS Group supply chain

With reference to the Decree N°59 of the 8th of March 2020 regarding the restrictions of access and travel to/from Northern Italy, we would like to reassure our Customers that FOMAS Group’s  production and supply chain are fully operating in compliance with the Government requirements.
This applies to the Italian companies: FOMAS SPA / ASFO SPA / HOT ROLL SRL / MIMETE SRL.

The Group through its employees, factories and supply sources is operating and adapting to the new situation while maintaining the uninterrupted service to its customers.

With immediate effect, FOMAS Group has adopted remote working in every applicable and possible situation preserving business integrity and continuity.

Furthermore, the Group has enforced strict ESH measures communicated to all employees.

Measures for external visitors allow external access strictly for supplies exclusively connected to the continuity of manufacturing activities.

Currently the are no limitations influencing production or delivery of goods.
Loading of goods is possible as far as the logistic companies comply to the following procedures:

a) limit the disembarkation of drivers from their trucks. Drivers must be equipped with hand protection gloves and masks for mouth and nose;

b) if driver needs to disembark from truck for loading/offloading, he must also comply with the one meter safety distance between people;

c) wherever possible, submit transport deliverables via IT transmission.

Additional updates will follow in line with the provisions of the law.

As of today we see no evidence of risk of disruption in production, customer service,  delivery or supply chain. Nevertheless, a strong effort is put into preemptive contingency planning, in the event of more stringent requirements from the Government.

In case the situation changes in such a way that any of your purchase orders might be impacted, you will be preemptively and timely informed and a mitigation or recovery plan will be shared with you.


Jacopo Guzzoni
Vice President

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